Casareti. An industrial vision
of traditional quality

As a supplier to the meat products industry we are aware of the fact that you regard continuity to be essential. Continuity in quality, delivery and price. We can guarantee that continuity. Casareti has ultramodern machinery for circle-knitted textile packaging, knowledge and expertise which is relevant to your sector and skilled employees.

Tailor-made solutions. We know that product innovations are important to you to ensure you stand out from the crowd. Our specialists can help you think things through and offer solutions for net packaging which link up with your product, production and presentation wishes.

Our own import. In addition to producing traditional net packaging ourselves, Casareti also organises the manufacture of a complete range of high-quality basic products in other parts of Western Europe. Net packaging for any product. This range is distinctive because it offers proper value for money, it complements our own product range and fulfils the same high quality requirements as our own products.

Quality is the key. All Cassareti products are high quality, made exclusively from ‘food-grade’ materials and comply with all current standards. The quality of your product and your production process is the basis of the products we offer you.